Elevate your lifestyle!!

You are not one to settle! You deserve a companion that is as unrelenting as yourself!

BeiGo X4

BeiGo is one of a kind crossover across the world. It draws inspiration from the energy, dedication, beauty of the life nurturing honeybee. BeiGo is swift & agile with high torque & acceleration for the urban jungle.

While the robust platform on which it is built resembles the beastly ruggedness & resilience of a mountain-antelope! The patented twin-wheel technology holds on to the skiddy roads with maximum contact at all times just the way the mountain antelope that does the seemingly impossible hikes with ease with its gluey grip.

Why should one compromise safety for performance, comfort for space, reliability for affordability, and community for convenience?

This perfect amalgamation of a head-turning appeal & a reliable core makes the BeiGo unique & unrelenting as yourself. It is time to unshackle the limitations that we set upon ourselves and discover the limitless possibilities. Join the iGoTribe!

Elevate your lifestyle!! Be distinctive! Go your own way! Be iGo!!!

Get ready for some jaw-dropping features!!

The perfect amalgamation of thrilling performance, Comfort & Utility!!

Technology that helps! Enhancing your experience while you are riding & while you are not!

Pick your style!!

Note: These color shades are from the images, the actual colors may vary slightly which will be revealed closer to delivery.

Little lighter shade of grey : Colors displayed are for representation purpose! Available choices will be revealed soon!!

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